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Mizuiro Workshop
International Artist in Residence Program


Call for international artist!


After collaborating with several artists over the past few years, Mizuiro Workshop is thrilled to announce our formal release of MW Inernational Artist in Residence Program as our new annual agenda.


The Program aims at seeking international artists who wish to gain new insights for their professional creative careers by spending some time with Mizurio Workshop to develop ideas and focus. Artists will be introduced to the local art scene where they will exchange experiences and opinions with locals from various backgrounds.


A formal exhibition at the gallery will be held after the residency in order to present works and thoughts conducted during the residency. Artists shall have the ability to manage his/her working schedule to fully prepare for the solo exhibition accordingly.


For further information or questions regarding MW Inernational Artist in Residence Program,

email :

DSC07460 copy.jpg

Scope of the Program

1. Residential Duration:1-2 months depending on the scale of the project/exhibition

2. Exhibition Duration: 4-5 weeks


What we offer

1. Reimbursement of Artist’s round-trip flight tickets

2. Monthly allowance

3. Daily support to Artist

4. A/C Artist’s accommodation + studio in Tainan:

    a lovely 2-story unit right next to our gallery spaces,      accommodating 1 artist only per time.


Space images


1F – kitchenette + dining

DSC07460 copy.jpg
DSC07458 copy.jpg

2F – studio + living space


Attic – bedroom + laundry

Food and Drink

Artist retains copyright and full ownership of the Artworks and is responsible for

1. Applicant must be neither a citizen nor resident of Taiwan

2. Condition of works

3. Travel insurance

4. Personal art tools and supplies

5. Cost of return shipping of works, if any

For those who are interested, please send your portfolio and a brief based-in-Tainan proposal to here

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